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Skills and mini project



Hand sketches for creating design ideas

Luggage scale - Brian.png


These are the two main renderings I did when I first learn digital rendering with Photoshop.



Walkie Talkie hero shot clear.png

A drone with camera I created with Solidworks for a final project.

A walkie talkie by Motorola I recreated with Rhino.
A random bluetooth speaker I bought from Amazon and recreated it with Solidworks.

A bike helmet I made as practice for a class. The XYZ cut patterns is what makes it special. Made with Fusion 360 alone.

Limar Italia x Autodesk  bike helmet competition

This is my commuter bike helmet, Stealth. A concept to combine biking with fashion, to show off one's wealth and status. In this competition, I got 2nd place from within my school. Made with Fusion 360, Blender, Solidworks and rendered with Keyshot 10.

Mini project - Yellow Stable

Yellow Stable is a set of tape holder, pen case and post-it holder I made to look fashionable and innovative. Its appearance is odd at first glance, but it is meant to change the way the user look at stationary, rather than be bored by it. The silhouette of each product is nothing typical, and with the kickstands, it gives character and life into it.

Cut out.png
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