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Chew Spoon

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The Chew Spoon is a teething spoon for babies who are preparing to consume solid food. By making nubs on the back of the spoon, the baby can practice chewing without themselves ever knowing. This way, they do not have to chew on a separate toy to start teething.



Nubs on the back to help babies practice teething while eating.


Thumb rest provide extra security for babies to use.


Grip is made with non slippery material and is easy to hold onto.



As I started out on designing the grip and nubs, it was unnecessarily large and dangerous to use. So I made them slimmer and smaller to fit the baby's hand. As silicone is the required material for the product, making it thin will not affect the user's experience. Plus, it will be extra durable. Now you don't need to be afraid if your baby bites off their spoon!

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