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Arthritic cookware


Cooking is difficult for people with Rheumatoid / Osteoarthritis and existing cookware are not made arthritis friendly.

Cooking is for everyone, disable or not. Although there have been some adaptive kitchen tools for Arthritic users, there isn't really an entire set of cookware made specifically for them. I am talking about pots, pans, grills, stoves and utensils. Everyone should be able to love cooking, and be able to cook despite their health conditions, therefore I am determined to rethink the cooking process and perhaps redefine cooking for them Arthritic users.

Why: Millions of people suffer from Arthritis and those who enjoyed cooking cannot cook without feeling pain.

How: Collecting firsthand data on what difficulties patients faced when cooking.

What: Redesigning pots and pans, possibly utensils as well to fit the needs of arthritic users.

Success: Arthritic users don’t feel pain and can cook comfortably with ease.

This project is not just aimed at arthritic users in general, but specifically arthritic users who're also cooking enthusiasts. People who enjoys the process of cooking, the taste of food and occasionally tries out new recipe to bring joy to themselves and others.

My design will follow the 'Ease of Use' guidelines made by the Arthritis Foundation, as listed below:

1. Be Selective

2. Opt for products with texture.

3. Seek products that require minimal upkeep.

4. Select products that are safe to use.

5. Purchase lightweight products, especially when it comes to cleaning and kitchen tools.

6. Look for products that are easy to open and close.

7. Choose items that are comfortable to wear, carry or operate.

8. Avoid the bells and whistles.

9. Find products that are not cumbersome to use.

10. Look for the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use of Commendation logo.



As Arthritic users cannot lift heavy things as it will hurt their joints, only the lightest materials like Aluminum would be suitable for them.




Stainless steel




Cast iron


Possible solutions


Reevaluating the needs of arthritic people and perhaps adding semi  automation will help improve their experience in cooking.


Interchangeable grips


Silicone grips


Semi-automatic mechanics

Initial sketches

Artboard 1.png

The sketches above incorporates heat resistant materials like silicone and grips that mechanically turns to reduce the efforts needed from the users so that they'll experience less pain when cooking.

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